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Thankyou for choosing to sign up with TheWindowCleaners-Clarity Cleaning. We look forward to servicing your property within the next few days. If we require access to the back of your property, you will receive an automated text the day before we are cleaning to make sure clear access is given and the side gate is unlocked beforehand. The GoCardless link below will allow you to set up payment in readiness of this service and can be filled out before the clean so payment can be requested upon finishing the service of the property. 

We will clean your frames and sills every single clean, it's possible that during the first two cleans dirt can escape from the frame after we've left and leave slight spotting on the window. If this happens and is unbearable  please just let us know and we will rectify it as soon as possible.

If you ever have any other issues please just drop us a text to let us know, we’d never expect any of our customers to pay for a job they weren’t happy with. We look forward to providing a regular professional service for you.


Many thanks & Welcome 😊


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