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Terms and Conditions of Use

The following information highlights our obligation to you and you to us.

  • If we need access to the back of your property we will  text you the night before to allow you to prepare for our arrival. This includes unlocking gates, garages and removing any other blockages that could prevent access to what we've agreed to clean. 

  • If you need to skip a clean or can't make access available  please let us know the day before we're set to arrive, as our schedules are always done the night before. 

  • If you haven't notified us and  we cant access your full property, we'll clean what we can and charge full price.

  • We will carry out the work agreed within the hours of 8am and 6pm the following day. 

  • If for any reason we're held up in the day and won't arrive that day we will notify you by text and let you know when we'll be back.

  • Once the work is complete you'll receive an invoice via text/email with the outstanding balance and payment details.

  • If you sign up to our preferred method of payment, GoCardless, your payment will be debited 3-5 days after the clean.

  • If you prefer to pay via bank transfer please text us for our bank details. All who pay by bank transfer receive an automated payment reminder on Saturday mornings at 10am until the balance is cleared. 

  • All work is carried out with purified water, this is a self drying process, once the water has dried there are no marks left on your window.

  • All purified water systems are not affected by the rain, this means we can continue to clean in moderate rain and the quality of your clean is not affected.

  • We clean your frames and sills every time as standard, the first two cleans may leave slight spotting due to dirt leaving the frame after we've left. If this is unbearable please just let us know and we'll rectify it asap.

  • If you have any issues please just drop us a text and tell us, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and would never expect you to pay for a job you're not happy with.

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